Stockings may not be the latest fashion trend hitting the catwalk this season, but if you want to have better blood flow in your legs and feet, have less pain, and prevent blood clots, then compression stockings may be your new medically helpful fashion statement! Specifically, Jobst has an entire line of ready- to-wear compression stockings that are not only helpful in aiding your circulation, but comfortable and versatile. 

Compression stockings are very snug-fitting and stretchy sock-like garments that hug your leg, providing increased blood flow to your lower extremities. Jobst offers a wide variety of stocking styles, compression levels, and uses. If you need a pair for a work function, try their business line. If you need a pair that are a little higher on your legs, try their knee or thigh-high pairs. If you need more or less compression, try their graduated fit! There is an easy and stylish way to manage your venous disorders or prevent such. Ask your doctor how Jobst compression stockings can help you on your way to circulatory health.

What Can Jobst Compression Stockings Do for Me?

The custom leg wear offered by Jobst varies in style, size, and fit, but the compression technology in their products remains consistent. These stockings are aimed to help your blood flow more freely and assist your veins to push blood back to your heart and throughout your body. They can also keep your legs from getting achy throughout the day. 

A common symptom of low circulation in your legs is swelling of the feet and ankles. With Jobst compression socks and stockings, this will be an ailment of the past, as they allow for fuller blood flow throughout the legs instead of having it pool in your feet and ankles. This can also prevent blood clots from forming and traveling to your heart or lungs. 

Because these stockings help give you better blood flow and better circulation, there are many  secondary benefits to wearing Jobst compression stockings such as:

  • -Supporting your veins
  • -Reduces lightheadedness or dizziness upon standing from a sitting position
  • -Prevents venous ulcers
  • -Reverses venous hypertension
  • -Assists in the prevention of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
  • -Lessens the pain caused by varicose veins

What Type of Jobst Compression Stocking is Right for Me?

Jobst offers a full line of different styles and fits that can aid a variety of patients and their specific needs. Jobst uses gradient compression to encourage fluids to move upward instead of towards your legs and feet. With the most pressure at the bottom of the garment and less as the garment goes up the legs, the different levels of compression are able to direct blood and fluids in a way that provides relief from swelling, pain, and soreness in the lower half of your body. Aside from this technology, Jobst can customize a fit or style that is right for you and your needs, according to your doctor’s recommendations.

By using the Product Selection tool on the Jobst website or by visiting a location near you, you answer a few questions and are able to find the right fit for your medical needs. You begin by selecting your gender and primary area or cause for concern. That could include, but are not limited to, medical conditions such as:

  • -Heavy or achy legs
  • -Swelling in the legs/feet
  • -Spider or varicose veins
  • -Leg ulcers
  • -Being bedridden

You then select whether or not you suffer with serious health conditions such as heart failure and skin infections. From there, you can choose your personal preferences for the type of coverage you would like, such as knee-high stockings, thigh-high stocking, maternity, or waist-high stockings. You can also choose whether you would prefer a more casual garment, a garment for physical activity, a garment for formal occasions, and many more. From that information, Jobst is able to give you options on which of their compression socks or stockings would help aid your venous disease while keeping you independent and stylish!

To wear these compression stockings, you would pull them on in a similar fashion to socks, pulling them up gently but smoothing out the stocking on your calves and/or thighs. Try to avoid having the fabric bunched up at the bottom or top of the garment, as this could cause circulation to be cut off and negate the purpose for the stockings. These stockings are meant and made for long wear times, so feel free to wear them under your normal clothes and shoes. Your doctor can tell you how long you should wear the stockings at one time. 

Venous disease no longer needs to hold you down or hold you back. With Jobst compression stockings, you can get your blood flowing in a positive direction again while gaining your independence back! Consult with CT Cardio to see what type and fit of Jobst stockings is right for you!