‘Tis the Season

With the holidays in full swing, stress, drinking, and over-eating tend to be a common theme amongst us. Dr. Corwin A. Thomas and his caring team at CT Cardio want to provide you with the tools you may need to utilize this holiday season to prevent holiday heart syndrome.

Heart Health for the Holidays

Heart health is important every day, but something to be even more conscious of during the holidays. With all of the seasonal invitations come stress for some. This stress can lead to over-eating and drinking, or simply enjoying time with loved ones during the holidays may lead to over-indulgence in general.

Our heart takes on the effects of over-indulgence, which can lead to something called Holiday Heart Syndrome. This is not something you want to be home for the holidays dealing with. Holiday Heart Syndrome is a cardiac rhythm disorder that has been found to be associated with excessive drinking that frequently occurs during the holidays.

It has been reported that heart-attack risks have spiked 15% around the Christmas and New Year holidays specifically since 2018. The risk for heart attacks also increased. It has been found that Holiday Heart Syndrome cases are typically acute that dissolve when the person’s drinking stops.

Be aware and in tune with your heart health now and even more so during these holidays by making an appointment with the best cardiologist in Lafayette, Dr. Corwin A. Thomas at CT Cardio. If you feel or notice a flutter or faster than normal heart rate during these times that is not part of your normal heart health history, you may want to swap your festive cocktail for a glass of water.

Dehydration from seasonal drinking, as well as having your daily meal routine and typical diet interrupted, a break in your sleep pattern, and exercise routine are all contributing factors that may lead to Holiday Heart Syndrome. With the personal knowledge of your heart health beforehand, provided by Dr. Corwin A. Thomas, you are able to be more mindful of these things during your holiday celebrations.

Cheers to Heart Health

Although most cases of Holiday Heart Syndrome have been found to resolve on their own, it is extremely important to seek medical attention if the symptoms associated with Holiday Heart Syndrome are accompanied by the following symptoms while enjoying holiday cocktails:

  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Chest Pain
  • Loss of Consciousness

Heart arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat can be linked to more serious cardiovascular problems than Holiday Heart Syndrome that can lead to death if not properly treated such as heart failure and stroke.

We’ve reminded you a few times to be very aware of your heart health even more so during the upcoming holidays. But what does that mean exactly? Here are some tips on how to get ahead of and in control of your cardiovascular health.

TIP #1

Routinely see a medical professional for an overall wellness check-up, including your heart. Should your general practitioner report cardiovascular health issues, seek a referral for a cardiologist such as Dr. Corwin A. Thomas at CT Cardio.

TIP #2

With a heart-specific doctor on your side, you will be given the details on your heart and what it needs specifically. Your cardiologist will provide guidance on things to be aware of during times such as the holidays where your heart health may be more at risk.

TIP #3

Holiday drinking can lead to dehydration. Be mindful of your water intake versus cocktail ratio. Alternating your favorite holiday beverage for a glass of water is a great way to keep up with your hydration during the holidays.

TIP #4

With holiday traveling your usual sleep routine may also be disturbed. Being mindful of the amount of rest and quality of sleep that are best for your body during non-routine times such as the holidays is crucial for your heart health as well. Using apps through your smartwatch to track your sleeping patterns is helpful in being in tune with your body’s sleeping patterns and history.

TIP #5

Cut some of the stress out that the holidays may bring by continuing to get daily exercise in some way, even if you are not able to commit to your normal wellness routine. Your mind and body will thank you for doing so after so many tasty treats and drinks.

If you’d like to find out more about your cardiovascular health and more specific cardiovascular fitness routines you can do during heart stressful times like the holidays tailored to your body’s needs, consult with Dr. Corwin Thomas and the CT Cardio’s caring team. Use the simple Google search “best cardiologist in Lafayette” to be re-directed to CT Cardio for all of your cardiovascular health needs in Lafayette, LA.