It’s no secret that the novel coronavirus caused a massive shift in how we see and interact with one another. The healthcare community is no different. Many local doctors rely on face-to-face interaction with their clients to give them the best treatment and care possible. To understand cardiology telehealth services, much like the ones provided at CT Cardio, we’ll first break down what the medical recommendation for them is and what services can be conducted through this option.

Recommended Guidelines Regarding Telehealth

The CDC initially recommended using telehealth services when available in an effort to allow medical facilities to reduce staff exposure to illnesses, conserve PPE, and limit the amount of patients congregated in one area at once. These recommendations also fell in line with proper social distancing restrictions and limitations of gatherings for the general public. During these times, telehealth became a viable option to keeping heart services and check-ups running efficiently while still allowing patients to follow these guidelines.

Now, almost 11 months into the pandemic, the need for telehealth has shifted to stay as a long-term option for the elderly and chronically ill to continue to receive regular treatment and care from the safety of their homes. While not every service that you could receive at the cardiologist’s office is available virtually, there are still many treatments that can be conducted through telehealth.

What Cardiology Services Are Available Via Telehealth?

Just about any non-surgical services that don’t require equipment can be conducted virtually using a video conferencing website like Zoom, allowing for patients to receive nearly identical care that they’d receive in an office setting. According to the American College of Cardiology, some of these general cardiology services that can easily be conducted remotely include:

  • Consultations regarding the treatment and preventative care for cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  • Diagnosis of certain heart and vein problems
  • Routine cardiac check-ups
  • Medication adherence and reinforcement

Cardiology Services Conducted in Office

Just as one could expect, there are services and procedures that must be performed in a cardiologist’s office and cannot be conducted remotely. These types of services typically require specialized equipment that help to provide greater insights for testing and procedures. These services that require in-person visits include:

Although our office practices recommended social distancing measures to keep patients safe, we understand the importance of providing telehealth services for those who cannot leave their homes. Cardiac telehealth services can be scheduled with CT Cardio by calling (337) 234-3163.